Our journey began in 2011 when we opened up the store "Jot Em Down." It was given to us with that name, but we knew we wanted something different. Rewind back to 2005, there had been joking between families about sweet nothings and how it would be great for a store name. Jama and her best friend Teresa co-owned the shop as a fun escape! In 2020, we opened our new store, "Sweet Nothings Marketplace" which was an answer to prayer. It has been the best journey as we have consistently grown, experienced life, and shared love with many people from all around Florida and beyond.


Since them, Jama and her husband Willy Peterson have purchased the business. They are the heart behind Sweet Nothings. Jama can spot a bargain a mile away and can sew, paint and build just about anything. She also never meets a stranger! Willy is the master builder - he is able to help fix or build anything that could be needed within the store. Plus, over the last two years, they have expanded the Sweet Nothings experience to 3 total stores! Join us in through the main building and find your way outdoors to the other two: our more rustic experience and full antique shop as well!

With the help of their employees and family, Sweet Nothings has the best team of women to help you receive the best customer care!